The past will always come out !

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

My heart dropped yesterday. Dunk !

I saw in my MD’s diary – that while he was up on a business trip in JHB – he had a meeting scheduled at my old company where I worked 1988 – 1996. Although it was never verbalized or out in the open or I was never approached about it, I left by “mutual agreement”. I am 99% sure they knew it was drugs. I actually received a choice of going freely and quietly or a demotion from being a manager. And in my state of mind, I did not take that (what I know now as) as a kind offer. I got all on my high horse and left immediately (nothing wrong here mate ! and off I went into the sunset).

From my new perspective, in hindsight, I had a drug and alcohol problem at the time. I was living with an even worse addict than myself and my performance at work was hugely lacking and had gone downhill. I am not surprised they were trying to take responsibility away from me. I used to be a star employee (they actually head hunted me back when I left prior to my drug problem. And I returned with a promotion. An ACOA loves to have their feathers stroked ! Affirmation ! Give it to me !).

I was duly promoted and promoted and ended up running a fairly large department by the age of 24 and was earning a great salary (a large part of it went to my Nigerian Mr Delivery friends). Work was just not my priority. I had a fair amount of drama at home looking after Mr Rehab and my own snarfing. Ahhhhh yes. And I was very allergic to Mondays. I would usually do a large amount of drugs and booze on the Friday night. And only recover on the Sunday. You could tell who I was – I was the only person shopping for cooldrink at the garage store with a trolley ! Dry as kitten kibble !

And like a right nana, I would do drugs again on the Sunday and end up not at work on the Monday.

Mr MD came to say hello this morning. Said he went for a drink or ten with my old boss and they send their regards. I am hoping nothing was said. My new company know nothing of my past battles. Chemical or otherwise.

Is this good or bad ? I hate the fact that my current boss will think less of me. But, if he was told any horror stories about me, he can easily deduce that I am no longer the same person.

Pearl of wisdom #1. The past will always bite you on the ass.

  1. I don’t see why they would say anything. That would be unprofessional. Especially considering that it was so many years ago. I wouldn’t worry. I’m sure that they asked how you are doing and your boss said great and that they left it at that. Yup that darned past. Like a bad penny!

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