Lack of Concentration…me…..not my child…oh look…there is a pretty flower….

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Anxiety, Trying to be a good parent !

I wasn’t going to post today. Because I am overly anxious. My body even feels jumpy. I may not even be breathing properly. This is my second attempt at a post….

Thank God, Porra and I are getting on great at the moment. I think any tension there would have me running to the hills with my knickers on my head !

On my schedule:

  • Finish all work in 9 working days
  • Sort through all cupboards (and I have quite a few) and donate what I don’t need to St Lukes/etc (bearing in mind I have lived in the same house for ten years – I have a fair whack of stuff. Daughter Dear is also a horder of note. We have every MacDonalds toy from the last 8 years)
  • Pack the balance of the stuff up into boxes
  • Move furniture into postage stamp garden on the appropiate days. Trying not to panic/lose temper/patience (not getting into a panic IS NOT by strong point. I am panic personified.)
  • Monitor werkers for 3 days
  • School holidays…(in amongst this I must entertain Daughter Dear…..)
  • Prize giving (deduct half a day from 9 working days left)
  • Social stuff…….(have decided not to do any functions at home to save myself stress/cleaning up. I am sure I am going to be sick of cleaning my house once the renovations are finished….Because the floors will be “new”….I may be stressed about people walking on them…..this sounds so lame……so anal……but I get like that. I remember being exactly the same when I got new couches a year ago. I kinda wanted my family to levitate above my couches and NOT TOUCH ! How anal I sound !)

Blah blah blah !….Christmas shopping ……??! Going away for Christmas ???….that will have to wait for now. One (year end) Day At a Time people !!!!!

I have just tried to read my daily reading from my Adult Child daily reader. And I just cannot focus on the words. I cannot read slowly. I’m trying to rush through it and it is not sinking in.

Lack of concentration. Lack of focus. Skatty.

I think I may go the bathroom and do a prayer asking for concentration (if I can focus for long enough !)

Daughter Dear – has 2 years ago –  been diagnosed with ADD with inattention. I tend to forget this on a day-to-day basis and really need to learn more about how to handle a child with ADD. Keeping Daughter Dear organised can be exhausting ! I read somewhere that I should be her “organisational Director”. This is all well and good. But what about when your child reaches an age when she sees your organisational input as a pain in the ass ?! But if you don’t step in, it will be chaos because they are ADD…..

<the poor goldfish bolt it around the tank in her room when they see an adult…..ADD children obviously forget to feed fish>

<I will ask her to get dressed. I quickly jump in the bath. I tell her NOT to play with the kitten. I can hear the kitten’s bell jingling like fecking mad and I hear giggles. I get out of the bath 20 minutes later and there is Daughter Dear lying on her bed with the kitten in her underwear. I. Try.Not.To.Lose.My.Frikking.Cool.>

I must really investigate an ADD support group ….especially as I am approaching the difficult teenage years…….(Daughter Dear has spots so I am assuming there are some hormones running amok in her little body).

Inattentive signs and symptoms of ADD/ADHD

Symptoms of inattention in children:

  • Doesn’t pay attention to details or makes careless mistakes
  • Has trouble staying focused; is easily distracted
  • Appears not to listen when spoken to
  • Has difficulty remembering things and following instructions
  • Has trouble staying organized, planning ahead, and finishing projects
  • Frequently loses or misplaces homework, books, toys, or other items

Children with ADD/ADHD can pay attention when they’re doing things they enjoy or hearing about topics they enjoy. But when the task is repetitive or boring, they quickly tune out.

Not paying close enough attention is another common problem. Children with ADD/ADHD often bounce from task to task without completing any of them, or skip necessary steps in procedures. Organizing their schoolwork and their time is harder for them than it is for most children. Kids with ADD/ADHD also have trouble concentrating if there are things going on around them; they usually need a calm, quiet environment in order to sustain attention.

I picked up Daughter Dear early from school yesterday. I think we had a good chat. After investigating 11 year olds with google, I realised that in a lot of ways, she is just being a normal 11 year old. Doesn’t mean that I like to be spoken to in a distainful way. But I think it is important for both of us to know that she is not abnormal in her behaviour….

I told Daughter Dear that I wanted us to have a good relationship and that I understand where she is at is very much what she is meant to be …… but that it hurts me that I try so hard to help her ….financially, treat wise and organisational wise…..and that she treats me badly back.

I took her to go get a reading book that she wanted and we had an ice-cream together.

I think the ADD support group is the way for me to go. I really don’t have time to try and investigate this one on my own.


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