Sisters are doing it for themselves

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Recovery

I noticed something this morning.

I am planning a “tea party” for my 41st birthday in January. I am copying someone else’s “recovery tea party” idea which I enjoyed.

<Yes. I did ask if I could borrow the idea as the friend is now – in turn – invited to my tea party !>

Bunch of chicks getting together for lots and lots of treats.

So this morning…..I was lying in the bath mentally making the invite list.

<Only 5 weeks in advance mind you!>

<By the by, I stay next to an older couple. Waldorf teachers.  Someone – each morning – (I am hoping it is the male guitar teacher) runs the bath very early and proceeds to make a lot of noise in the bath. Body noises and sliding noises. So I am not woken up by the sweet sounds of birds tweeting, but the old man next door farting in his bath. Sounds like a small family of hippo’s playing tag in the bath and farting at the same time.>

I digress. Anyway. Just an observation. Related to recovery. Perhaps not.

I seem to have a lot of female friends nowadays. Way more than I did pre-recovery. Pre-recovery and drinking days I suppose I hung out with the mainly the drinking /motorbike crowd which is very male orientated. I did have plenty of male friends. The non-romantic type of male friends.

I just never really bonded with other women.

Something has happened.

I am now able to invite 12 – 15 women for a tea party. I wouldn’t have been able to find 5 women pre-recovery.

<Ok. I could have found 5 or 6, but there would have had to be copious amounts of wine and tequila>

I used to get those “sisters are doing it for themselves” bulk e-mails that went on about “sisterhood” and how you can live

without a man, but never  your “girlfriends” . I didn’t relate and didn’t get it.

I think now I do.

  1. Bearskin says:

    Hi Diddy
    Me too. Pre recovery I had maybe two friends to invite to a tea, and now I can also field around 12. Amazing ne?

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