Dustless my ass

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Right here I am.


In body anyway. I am so tired, my eyes are all dry. But they could also just be full of dust/dirt/glue fumes.


I have also reverted back to shoving down huge amounts of coffee down my gullet. I am pretty hyper, but have been needing lots of energy this week.



I have not been able to wear co-ordinated clothes since last Thursday (because I have not yet learnt the art of floating above wood glued floors to get to my own clothes) and wearing my own underwear is a luxury from the past I’ve long forgotten about (my underwear drawer is AWOL, but I have managed to find Porra’s stash of clean undies!)


Sitting……no….standing in the kitchen typing a quick post. I’ve managed to clear one kitchen counter of debris and red wood dust.


If this is dustless sanding – I said to Laurie “The Crack” Builder – then I’d love to see the normal fecking type.


It really is obviously just a marketing ploy. There is nothing dustless about the whole scenario. My cats have even turned a hue of red dust !


<Joseph the male Persian found the cleanest place to sleep last night which happened to be inside the bath. I had a giggle when I saw him sleeping in there !>


I have seen more sweaty dirty builder types this week than I have seen the whole year…ones obviously don’t use the hard core Michum deo I might add !!!!


My house contents are in my very small patio garden (not allowed back in for a few days) and an ominous grey rain looking cloud came perilously close this afternoon causing me  to make some very quick decisions of what I wanted to save first from the threatening downpour. The rain never fell……but I got a bit more physical exercise out of the whole deal.


The whole renovations is feeling very metaphorical to me. A little bit like Eminem “cleaning out my closet”.


I recall prior major renovations – in this same house – where it was very negatively stressful and I was buzzing around on drama queen adrenalin. Worrying and stressing much too much and much more than anyone else ever would have. It was a negative experience.


This time however……I am feeling rather upbeat ……it’s not a pleasant experience. But if I want it done, I just have to grit my teeth and get on with it. I can see what the results are going to be and that is what I am focusing on. There is nothing I can do to speed things up. Lying awake at night worrying about the weather forecast is not going to make the rain stay away ! I am not getting all emotional about the situation.


If there is a hiccup or a drama….I calmly do what I need to do …….sort it out and try and carry on with my day as best I can.


Definitely progress.


<But then they’ve only been here 5 days……only 2 to go !!!!!!!!!>


Porra has really shown me that in the middle of chaos (we are sleeping on a mattress downstairs right now) that he can be quite a supportive little trooper. He helps with no quibbles and goes the extra mile to make it as stress free for me as possible.


Needless to say, I am looking at him with admiring eyes which always helps the relationship.


Right……back to my mattress !


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