Oh shit it’s Wednesday !

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Fun stuff. Recovery is not all meetings and coffee....

I’ve just realised that it is Wednesday evening and I have missed the ACOA meeting at 8pm.

Things are so chaotic I don’t even know what day it is !

The minute I put down a set of keys, I can’t remember where I’ve left them. I spend an hour this morning looking for my neighbours keys which I had put in a “safe place”. I am being very scatty. I miss my home where everything is where it is meant to be and where I feel organised.

My positive I-love-you-Mr-Builder vibe is seriously waning.

I will not bore you with details, but as builders usually run late…..mine are no exception. I am meant to be able to move back in tomorrow, but…it looks like it will be 2 days late to be completely finished.

My house contents are encased in plastic in the yard open to the elements and thieves. I hope I sleep tonight !

The bottom floor of my house will be “walkable” tomorrow which means I can clean the 23 kgs of dust out of my house and move into the bottom floor only…with some prized pieces.

You really find out who loves you when you are doing renovations. I am the proud owner of two friends sets of house keys and have two houses at my disposal ! (I have five sets of keys to look after which is probably why I can’t remember where I put them all)

We have moved in with Blondie for a day or two ….because sleeping on a mattress in a half sanded sitting room lost it’s allure two days ago……hell….it never had allure…..!!!

So apologies dear blog for being absent.

I have no time for feelings right now. I am just plain old knackered from running around all day. Getting plastic sheets, going to the dentist, taking Daughter Dear for a haircut……..

Just a bit of disappointment that the builders are running late.

And immense joy because I get to sleep in a nice clean bed tonight (with a base nogal !)


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