I owe, I owe, it’s off to look for work I go….

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Our bosses called us in this morning.

My stomach sank. Adult Child me always thinks worse case scenario ! I have no job !!!!!!!!!!?

Bottom line, no salary increases this March. It has been delayed until later next year when prospective partners should be on board. Secret. Secret. Can’t tell us who.

It’s either no increases or retrench a few staff.

The room was so silent after the bomb shell was dropped it was embarrassing. I nearly asked a question to break the silence at Q and A time of “perhaps we could get some more leave in lieu of no increase ?”……

But I didn’t……

A bit of a disappointment. It’s always nice to get an increase. Even though we usually only get an “inflation” increase of 3 % or 4%, it’s still welcome.

I haven’t been able to ask Daughter Dear’s Dad for a maintenance increase either for quite a few years as he is earning a slaves’ wage at the rehab apparently (and Grandad reminds me that Daughter Dear is depleting the money at every available opportunity).

Apparently our “jobs are safe” and they are looking for partners………..but I’ve been down this road before…….of a merge or a takeover and in hindsight……..my job wasn’t really safe then……..

Luckily I left the other company before it shut doors and staff were left standing outside one day when they turned up for work !

Well, it kicked my ass into gear and I contacted an ex co-worker who says yes they are usually looking for staff.

So ……..my CV is flying around the internet waves as we speak.

Not sure whether to sit it out here or make a move.

But……I s’pose to put out “I-might- want- to- move- jobs” feelers is the prudent way forward.


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