Any regular readers will know I spend a fair amount of blog time a-bitching about the loud garlic-y Porra on my radar screen….

I thought I’d blog about the things I actually LIKE about Porra for a change:

  • He pretends not to like my cats, but he secretly adores them and cuddles Katy Kitten like a baby and fusses her and talks to her ALOT. You can tell a lot from a man and how he is with animals !
  • He helps me plenty with looking after and feeding Daughter Dear (she prefers his cooking !) I don’t always agree with his strictness, but it’s managable. But…..overall….he’s a good male role model to her.
  • He always offers me coffee…..even though a) he is not having and b) he doesn’t even drink coffee
  • He buys me inpromptu slabs of Bourneville chocolate. Quite often. Every couple of days once I’ve scoffed the other one.
  • When I am in a foul -adult- child-nit picking -it’s- all- your- fault- mood. He doesn’t take the bait often. I am usually fecking infuriated he is not up for a barney…..doesn’t want to talk…..but it is the more peaceful way to be. We rarely have a screaming match. We never call each other names. Fire does not meet fire.
  • When I am sad and tearful at night, he offers and makes me hot milk like my granny did.
  • He understands I don’t always like him. He accepts it and leaves it at that. No bruised ego. No codependant shit. I would hate to think of the chaos if it were the other way round (bee bar bee bar …bring the ambulance!)
  • He does all the grocery shopping
  • He cooks 99 percent of the time
  • I don’t hear moaning about my 3 meetings a week plus lectures plus….. He just asks that I consider moving stuff around to be more managable.
  • He does his fair share of the housework ….if I am honest, I chose the stuff I like to do and he does the rest !
  • His eyes don’t roll up and I can’t see the whites of his eyes when I mention the MARRIAGE word…..(he even tolerates the weddings on Top Billing with a grin!)

Hey. Maybe he’s not such a bad egg after all !


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