When it rains, it pours !

Posted: May 24, 2011 in My birth Dad Sperm Donor, Recovery

I blogged a while back about my real Dad and my relationship sorry lack of relationship with him.


This week seems to have some Fringe type weird sci-fi link back to my childhood. It’s like some worm hole back to the ’70s has opened !  I received a rare email from my Dad plus an attachment.

This did not bring up any feelings for me. I had enough on my plate yesterday with other stuff any-the-hoo. I am so numbed out when it comes to my parents. They just as well be on another planet. That’s how cold I feel towards them.

Hi Diddy

My year as Chairman is now over, so hope you are still thinking about coming here. 

There are pictures attached.  Sorry about the ‘beaver’ expression in one.  I must have been lusting at the photographer!

 Let me have your news and pics of yourself and Tweenie.

 Love Dad xx


  1. Are you thinking about going?

    • diddy says:

      Hi FMS

      It’s out of the question right now.
      It is pretty bad timing in terms of work and finances.
      I cannot bugger off for a couple of weeks in the middle of a merge and retrenchments.
      I cannot spend part of my emergency kitty on a dash to the UK.
      I cannot go in the middle of healing and feeling vulnerable (I think !)
      I don’t want to miss my course. I could though for 2 weeks max. So that’s a crap excuse.
      I would love to go when things settle down with work and my job is guaranteed.

      I think yes, I’d like to go, but not right now !

      Still mustering up some oompf to write a reply to him.


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