Aaaaaaaa choooooo !

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Recovery

I have been forced to be “man down” late this week.

The germ infested beings that kids are have infected me !

Messy (Porra’s son) has the teenage habit of only coming over when he is tired and hungry. He enters the front door and within a short while, he is repeatedly opening the fridge in the hope that the contents have changed since he last looked 5 minutes before!

His general modus operandi at Diddyland is to fill up on food and TV viewing en masse !

Now he has added a new feather to his teenage cap last weekend by decending on Diddyland tired, hungry AND sick.

Tweenie, Porra and I duly have all become infected with the snots, headache and sore throat.

Tweenie went away Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning to school camp. She did not give a shit if she had a snotty nose. Off she went. Nothing was going to stop her. Not some Messy germ.

By the time I got to Friday morning, I was pretty tired, sick and grumpy.

A cold combined with PMS is the worst combination. Usually I may have some restraint with my PMS moods at work, but combined with being awake from 3:30am with a snotty nose …… I was in an aggro and sick mood. Tolerance was low.

My Menopausal Boss has been nit picking recently. I suspect this is because her job is just as much on the line as mine so the more she feels she is making a difference, the safer she feels.

However, if it was bona fide nitpicking it would find it all-A-OK, but she insists that the whole department copy their mails to her and every single mail has a negative comment chirped from her corner of the office.

I have been doing my job since I was 17. I find it hugely irritating to be chirped at day in and day out.

I find it extra super dooper irritating when I have PMS. I found it nearly impossible to bite my tongue with PMS and a cold !

I decided it would be better for all concerned if I went home sick.

I did.

I should have gone straight to Tweenie’s school to pick her up as she had just arrived back from camp.

But I just wanted some space to be on my own.

We all need time on our own.

I am….

a mother

an employee

a student

a friend

a girlfriend

a person in recovery

a therapist’s patient

a sponsor

a trustee of my complex

a kids hotel

a pet owner

a part time lover


Finding time to be on my own is a challenge !




  1. Fiona says:

    I’ll join you in the sick corner…one thing I really don’t like about winter is the sniffles, sore throat, blocked nose and feeling just plain “sick”!

    I hope you feel better soon xoxox

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