Winner wenner !

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A characteristic of an “adult child” is a constant need for affirmation.

The key word here people is “constant”. Should also be in capitals if I think about it.

We are not talking a little bit of affirmation here.

Any affirmation will do. I am not fussy. But continous is better 😉

I even rather blantantly ask for affirmation if I am feeling in such a mood.

Poor Porra. Sometimes I ask him five times in an hour “do you love me ?”.

Yes, I know. It is pathetic. I’ve seen it in a mail of “run a mile if you see this in a chick”. You know one of those jokes that isn’t funny because you recognise yourself.

<This is probably also why I didn’t like the movie “he’s not that into you”…..Porra nearly peed his portuguese flag boxers with mirth. Alas, the humour was lost on me. Too true.>

“Thanks for bunging oven chips and fish fingers on a baking tray Mom” will feed my need for affirmation(and that is the type of suppers I am famous for)

A smile in the eyes of my beloveds will do it.

Hell’s bells. Even a crinkle in the corner of the eyes satisfies me.

So there in my inbox…..

Imagine my big pleasant surprise when Reluctant Mom recently mentioned my blog as worthy of an award.

Made my day. Nothing like abit of an ego stroke to perk up my mood under the ongoing tyranny of Menopausal Boss and Big New Boss.

I have been told the rules for acceptance are:

1. Choose five (or more) other people who deserve this award and pass it on.
2. Tell 7 facts about yourself.
3. Let the people you gave the award to know.
4. Thank the person who gave you the award.

Well here goes…

1. Choose five (or more) other people who deserve this award and pass it on.

I assume this is bloggers ? I admit I only read two or three blogs continually…..I mean that I subscribe to them and when the email hits gmail….I will probably read it before the sun sets that day. No thats a lie. I will read it before my eyes close that night. I think I probably enjoy the first two blogs so much because I know two of the chicks personally. It’s like reading someone’s secret diary and knowing the characters in 3D…..a 3D secret chick diary…..and who doesn’t like that ?

I have subscribed to a few other blogs and I admit that sometimes the emails pile up unread. Inspired Ink is one.

Back to the favs which are……(drum roll please)

1.  Reluctant Mom…..of course….very funny, very talented, very-beautiful-just-stepped-out-of-a-Pantene-ad-hair and I envy the fact that she is able to consume wine and chuckles with no apparent remorse (i.e. the total opposite of moi). I also love the random topics……

2. Fear of Missing Shit

An old friend (as in many years of friendship, she is actually younger than me!). Many a shot shared. Many a tear shed (mainly mine I suspects). Cool chick.

A new daily read for me. Why ? Because it reminds me of my mis-spent but sometimes fun youth spent in JHB.

4. This is sadly now a blog with no new posts. But it was the first blog that I was introduced to by Hairy Hannes. I find it hysterical and to read the archives is going to be another thing on my long list of things to do.

……sorry. I can’t make it up to 5. I really have no time inbetween being either border line suicidal miserable or mania estatic to read more than two or three blogs.

2. Tell 7 facts about yourself.

Eeegad. This is going to be hard. I tell just about all in my blog, don’t I ?

1. I hate raw tomato. Would rather pull all my eyelashes out than eat one. They smell funny. But I love tomato sauce to distraction. Can’t survive without All Gold in the fridge. I’m also a fan of Woolies Tomato Soup. But NO RAW TOMATO PLEASE !

2. I am a sniffer. I have been graced with the sniffing abilities of a drug sniffer dog employed by the Cuban Authorities. If Porra has been somewhere in the day, I can smell where he has been. He once went into a chemical toilet on site during the day and I could detect this in the evening. Scared the living bejesus out of him. I can smell if people have ear infections a week before symptoms appear (don’t ask). I am therefore the sniffer of all things maybe off in the fridge and various other sniffing related duties.

3. I can cook anything with mince. One of the benefits of growing up on a council estate in England and later a mining suburb on the East Rand.Didn’t see a piece of meat with a bone on it in our kitchen until I was in my teens !

4. I’m a member of Weighless. First time round I lost 10 kgs. Four years later I am a friend of Weighless again. Lost 2kgs in the last three weeks ! Goodbye muffin top !

5. Even at the age of 41 there are certain words I still cannot pronounce. Phenomena is one. Even when that song came out – “something like a phenomena, something like a phenomena“….even after all that practice saying the word….still cant get the fecking thing right. It must be a phenomena ! ha ha ha.

6. I get the jibbies from seeing people brush their teeth. Even if said people are on TV. You know how some people hate nails on a blackboard or polystyrene sounds. Mine is teeth brushing.

7. I sucked my thumb until I was 15. (no childhood problems here ? Move along people. Nothing to see). I went on bush camp in Standard 9 and was too tired/embarrassed to suck my thumb. And I’d lost my blankie down the bottom of sleeping bag. True story.
3. Let the people you gave the award to know.
Tick tick done.
4. Thank the person who gave you the award.

Thank you RM ! You biscuit you !

  1. Fiona says:

    Thanks for the nomination…I dig reading your blog too 🙂

    Well done on the weightloss. I need to motivate myself and lose at least 5 kilograms before August but right now I’m really struggling!

  2. Bearskin says:

    Hey Diddy.
    Congrats on the nomination. If you need votes I will certainly vote for you. I love your blog. Hope you have a rewarding day today. Hugs.

  3. reluctantmom says:

    Pleasure, well deserved.

    I also used to suck my thumb …. yes, as you say, move along, nothing to see here!!!

  4. Bearskin says:

    Have found a blog you might enjoy
    Anyway I found it funny

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