Cats are home

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Fun stuff. Recovery is not all meetings and coffee...., Recovery

I was reminded today reading a post by Nocturnal Wenchy……that if I did not have a Porra in my life…..I could quite easily be classified as a crazy cat lady.

I associate cats with lots of love, warmth and happy homes because my beloved granny had two cats. Happy times = granny = cats.

One was a really old tabby with a hanging white fluffy tummy called Pudgy and the other – a white persian type called Tinky. It was probably just a long hair cat, but was extremely exotic looking for a council estate. These particular cats weren’t loving types as I remember. I spent a fair amount of my childhood trying to catch Pudgy who did not like any kids much (probably because of being chased as described!). I don’t remember any love from that cat !

I have had a cat or two around me since I was a teenager. As soon as Whacko Family were in a house (we lived in flats for a few years when we first moved to South Africa).

I used to bring home the odd stray or two and then pretend they had got into our garden somehow ! Not all the strays made it to permanent status in Diddyland, but one or two did.

I remember being very very (dare I say overly ?) attached to a Burmese type black cat I had called Ebony. Gosh. She lasted for years. I can’t remember how she pegged it ?

But I note… of this moment……that I did not have any cat/s when I was in active drug addiction.

<There is a recovery “fable” that if you are newly into recovery and you wish to have a pet….that you should first purchase a house plant. If said plant is still alive after a year……the thought process is now you are ready for the pet.>

Anyhow…..I started liking persians when I was about 26ish as someone at work had one and was on her way to her own Crazy Cat Lady status. A couple of months before I met Tweenie’s Dad I bought Walter, my first persian as a kind of “I need to stay home and look after the kitten company thing and stop sticking coke up my nose”. I thought it would settle me a bit (which it didn’t by the way).

And there started my real cat obsession with persians.

They are a brilliant breed with plenty of doggie like qualities (not that I like dogs by the way). My cats scratch at the door to be let in. They follow me around (for the hour that they are awake – when they are not eating or sleeping which is 23 out of the 24 hour day it appears). They sleep on their backs like dogs. The boy cat sleeps lies like a staffie with his non existent balls pressed on the cold tiles (I assume he does not know his goolies are long gone). They call you to see things (“Look ! I fecking moth !!!!). They smile at me. They sleep on our beds. They wake us up wanting their breakfast (I say “us” loosely….because they gave up on me giving them food a loooonnnnng time ago).

Before I go off on a longer crazy cat lady speech, I shall stop.

Cats are home.




  1. Wenchy says:

    I have made the crazy cat lady jokes many times which everyone is now reminding me off!!!

  2. Nes says:

    I’m a crazy cat lady too. My boyfriend works in Harrismith during the week so when I get home, I only have my little black cat to hello to. And she is so adorable. Really she is. 🙂

  3. reluctantmom says:

    Over time – and definitely now – I have realised I do not have the ‘energy’ to give to an animal. This is the first time I have been dog free in my life.

    I have my cat Jackson, but he sort of operates around by himself – I like the way he always lies near me, and I always realise he is ‘always’ there – but he is never in my space.

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