Meds oh glorious meds…..

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Anxiety, Medication

I am rationalising aloud here dear Blog.

I have a 12:45pm appointment with Dr Cool for a discussion around meds.

I had already decided early this weekend, before the p&rn fest expose, that for my quality of life, I would go and discuss more med options with Dr Cool.

I would like to get a grip of this new influx of anxiety before my new job starts. I can’t exactly pinpoint when my anxiety started sky rocketing. But it has. I never feel relaxed. Only my dear friend Vino has that quality.

It feels like I was born with the wrong ribcage. Like all my chest organs have been squashed into the ribcage of a ten year old. This is the compressed physical feeling I am feeling and have been for a while now.

A doctor once told me that battling to fall asleep at night indicates depression and waking up early means signals anxiety.

I am prone lately to be the twit that wakes up anywhere between 3am and 5am (I even woke up at 5am before the four Tweenie’s on Sunday. WTF).  I don’t know why I bother with an alarm. Except on those days where I don’t wake up at sparrow’s fart, I can sleep until 10am if left alone. Noon even.

I am hoping that Dr Cool will suggest a mere increase in the dosage of the Cipralex I am on. Rather than a med swop.

Med swop means crazy times to me. Never pleasant. How to scare a Porra away in one easy step.

  1. reluctantmom says:

    I am bowing at the alter of medication right now. Me ♥ Stillnox long time. Zoloft and I might not be soul mates, but let’s see how that progresses. I have a few other small pills, and I am trying cocktail hour out.

    It however is making me more anxious, paranoid, and panicky which is probably not ideal.
    On the upside I am not crying all day, and I am sleeping like a coma patient. WIN!

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