It’s a bathroom party. Bring the balloons.

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Anxiety, Recovery, Relationship shit, Trying to be a good parent !

I submit Exhibit #2 to the defense.

You cannot see him, but Joseph the fat arse cat would also be in the picture to the right if the lens was a wee bit wider (actually quite a lot wider as he is a distant descendant of Garfield and has a rather ample arse to match).

This is Tuesday night. This is me trying to have a bath. Sans bubbles. Sans tranquility. Sans family it would appear.

I eventually asked them to bring some balloons because it appeared to be turning into a pool party.

<my sarkiness was not duly noted and no-one left the party>

Of course, I have heard of other mothers not being able to wipe their arse without an audience of little ones. I am sure many a child has had women’s monthly functions forced upon their not-so-ready-naive minds just because the little buggers can’t stay out of the bathroom for one damn minute if mother is in there <well, I know that is the case at my house>.

But please…..this is a 12 year old and a grown man in the picture. The animal obviously just tagged along in the hope that a human had a cat biscuit stash hidden in their underwear somewhere.

Historically, I was a single mother with a wee one year old. Yes…..she grew up. But I haven’t adapted my behaviour. We lived on our own until she was 8 ish. An all girl domain and not much need for shyness.

From a merely practical point of keeping an eye on Baby Tweenie, I devised a much needed cunning plan to bath with the door open so I could hear if she had tripped over Evil Purple Dinosaur Barney and broken a limb on the way down the stairs.

I only have one toilet in the house. The minute I get into the bath, it seems to act like a laxative to Tweenie. Always has. And I suppose it always will.

I’ve decided it’s time to start locking the bathroom door.

I may have to leave a potty outside the door for emergencies.

The Eglynol is working by the way. I wasn’t sure if it was resigning from work that helped my anxiety reduce or two days of Eglynol. Lady Gandalf advised me that Eglynol works immediately. No pesky 4 week wait.

  1. So glad you’re feeling better!

    And now Evil Purple Dinosaur Barney is living in my house *sigh*

    • diddy says:

      Ah yes.

      Sorry for making you adopt our Barney and Baby Bop ! Tweenie was happy they went to a good home !

      I think Barney is abit on the gay side. And his best friend has the unfortunate name of BJ. Go figure.

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