Too much to read

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Recovery

I am not being a very successful reader lately. I am kind of fine with novels. I can get stuck in and read it from the beginning to the end no problem. Actually I lie. Usually I can. But something has gone wonky. I started a new Marian Keyes a few weeks ago called “Sushi for Beginners”, but have only read a few pages.

<Porra was very excited. Bordering on delirious. He thought I was going to try a hand at making food. Ha ! Think again Porra ! Not this chick !>

Magazines not a prob. I can do that. Although I am bored of the whole Peter Andre and Jordan divorce drama featured in the OK ! magazine.

Recovery books ?

They are like rabbits breeding on my desk. It is turning into a battle for me to read and concerntrate on them.

I think I have reached saturation point. The problem is ……where I am at in the healing jounrney requires me to get stuck into one of my many healing books. I know it would help me.

Above is a picture of my home desk next to my bed. All of the books except two or three are recovery type books. The pile has been growing for three or four years. Such a big pile, it gets a feather dust on Sunday.

I have not finished any of the books. I am hoping they enter my brain by osmosis. Hells bells. I haven’t even made a two or three chapter dent in many of them. All of them being awesome books I want to get into.

In an effort to inspire myself, I am investing in an ebook reader called a Kindle which I have just ordered. Oprah swears by it, but alas I was not in the audience when she gave everyone one.

I am hoping that this handbag sized ebook reader will allow me to read recovery type books in my spare time. Perhaps even while in the public eye.


New job desk would be even harder.

I am thinking that I will list all my hard copy recovery type books and sell them via email to like minded friends and anxious people. With the resulting cash, I will replace the hard copy recovery book with the electronic version on my kindle.

Sounds like a plan.

  1. Wenchy says:

    I don’t like kindle. I like books. The smell, the feel, the weight…. and I don’t care what people see me read. Thankfully people expect me to do fuckwit-ish things, so most just shake their heads. 🙂

    I love to read but I’ve been struggling with magazines, mostly about reducing the size of my ass.

    • diddy says:

      I wish I felt comfortable reading “courage to heal” at my desk. But I don’t.
      But I do get the love of books. I love proper books too. I might find it hard to let my Dean Koonz and Stephen King book collections go……some of which I’ve had since I was 17 and living in Hillbrow.
      So I think I will hang on to those !

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