Grilling Tweenie

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Anxiety, Recovery, Trying to be a good parent !

As in questioning her.

Haven’t call all cannibal on you and am snacking on my child.

I quizzed Tweenie this morning while we were driving to school.

Diddy (with Mom hat on) – Can you describe your anxiety ?

Tweenie – No. It’s just there.

Diddy – do you feel like you sometimes have a brick on your chest ?

Tweenie – Yes

Diddy – do you worry about random stuff all in a row ?

Tweenie – huh ?

Diddy – do you worry all about unrelated stuff all at once after each other. Like schoolwork, then your Dad,  then about me, then about your friends. All bouncing and random ?

Tweenie – Yes !

Diddy – do you feel like your blood is concrete. Like it’s an effort to get your blood around your veins ?

Tweenie – no (got a strange look. Tweenie is thinking she better start saving for frail care for my old age that includes free mental health facilities)

Diddy – Shoooo chick. We are two peas in a pod.

Diddy – I could take you back to see (play therapist) Melanie, but she is R600 a session once a week. Perhaps I can try and find cheaper therapy options and you can have the guitar lessons and art lessons you want too ?

Tweenie – Shooooo. R600 a week ? That’s more than my monthly pocket money !!! <R300 per month pocket money has taught Tweenie valuable lessons of the value of money!>

Diddy – the group therapy was reasonable, but you don’t want to go back ?

Tweenie – No thank you. It didn’t help.

Diddy – unfortunately if you have anxiety, it’s probably going to be with you forever. We just need to help you find healthy ways of managing it.

Diddy – Reiki might be relaxing ? Or massage ?

Tweenie – Massage once a week. Yes please ! Oh. I have a sore tummy often too ?

Diddy – Yup. That could be anxiety too.

Please understand Dear Blog that I am not being tight with therapy money, but individual therapy for children is usually R600 + for a 45 minute session.  Therapists also insist on seeing children slap bang in the middle of my working afternoon.

For the 4 years that Tweenie was in therapy, I also had to pay R100 a week for a driver to take her one way to the appointment at 3:30pm. Then I would leave work at 4pm and fetch her 4:15pm straight from the appointment.

I am wary of getting into the R2,500 per month commitment that is one-on-one child therapy that is in the middle of the week.

No – you cannot put a price on your child’s happiness. I would however like to try other things with Tweenie that we have not tried before. We have tried medication with success and we have tried therapy with success.

I realize I may have to reassess this not wanting to go back to the ADD specialist and not wanting to put Tweenie back into 6 months of therapy, but am keen to try lifestyle anxiety management changes for now.

I’ve posted this scenario on two forums and hope to get some feedback.


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