Wacky Wednesday

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Fun stuff. Recovery is not all meetings and coffee....

I may have mentioned I cannot cook.

I may have mentioned that Porra can cook up a storm.

Ask Tweenie (I dare you) whose cooking she prefers. Without missing a blink and with automatic drooling, she’ll answer “Porra !”.

Pre-Porra Tweenie did get the odd home cooked meal. But consisted as a young ‘un on banana’s, yogurt and toasted sarmies and a combination of the below. Note the word “odd”

I can cook:

  • oven chips and fishfingers (although I have at least 3 scars on my right arm from burning myself on the metal shelf thingy)
  • oven chips and anything else that can go straight from the box onto the baking tray
  • Spagetti bolognaise
  • Lasagne (it really is just a close cousin of the Spagetti bolognaise, but no-one at home has twigged and think it is a whole new culinary addition to my repitoire ! Ha ! Suckers !)
  • Chicken curry (but – alas – Tweenie doesn’t like curry)
  • Green Thai curry (again related closely to the chicken curry….just a different jar of spice and bung in some long green beans instead of mixed veggies)
  • Chargrilled Wooden Spoon on toast (see below picture. I managed to not only burn my lagasne cooking on Sunday, but also simmered the wooden spoon to a lovely colour of charcoal. In my defense, I was trying to watch “Come Dine With Me” while cooking. The two obviously do not mix)

And that is the full extent of 30 plus years of attempting to cook.

Tweenie loves Wacky Wednesday and has done since a wee babe. I say just the word “Wednesday” and her eyes light up. The word is an automatic word-association-thread-thing-ma-jig for food. She understands that it is the day she will get a “Wacky Wednesday” double burger combo from a national franchise.


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