Housework sucks

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Fun stuff. Recovery is not all meetings and coffee....

Sunday is housework day in Diddyland.

My home is a little 89 square metre townhouse type effort. It’s not that big.

<but you can swing a cat in it>

Squashed into said house is a hairy food loving Porra, an allergic to baths Tweenie and two fluffy persian kitties that shed enough fluff to make a whole new kitten. Thrown into the mix many times are various sleeping bodies belonging to other children. Who obviously bring in a variety of foreign germs (but I try not to think about that and just change the bedding when they eventually leave)

<of course I don’t cause dirt. I am perfect remember !>

Every single week is a mission and a half to get Porra and Tweenie to chip in. Avoidance tactics reign supreme.

There has been months of negociations around timing of the weekly clean up. First it was done first thing Sunday morning which caused discord and unhappy faces from the moment everyone got up. Then we changed it to 4pm Sundays so that it did not “spoil the whole day”.

Bottom line is no one wants to do the housework. Any day. Any time. Ever. And I have to use force tactics of threats of no sex (Porra) and no pocket money (Tweenie).

I don’t particularly like housework myself, but the alternative is a dirty house which I loathe.

Why do families think that Mom likes housework ?

Tweenie’s latest avoidance chirp this morning was that she has to live with two perfectionists and she is happy with her dusty bedroom the way it is. That her standards are not as high as Porra’s and mine, thank you very much, so she will just carry on playing Playstation if you don’t mind.

Nice try Tweenie.

Go fetch the duster. Don’t pretend you don’t know where it is.


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