Suicidal Tweenie – Mom’s worst nightmare

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Anxiety, Depression, Trying to be a good parent !

Tweenie has anxiety issues

<At this point in my life I am wondering who doesn’t have anxiety issues>

About three weeks ago, I took Tweenie to see her meds doctor. This is a children’s neurologist who specialises in ADD. It was apparent from Tweenie’s nibbled- until- they- bleed-nails and night time wailings of miserableness and worrying….that perhaps a med check was in order.

<she was on half a dose….which was fine if it worked…..but now it was not working>

The dosage was increased to what was right for her weight. 

A secret report was also swopped between Tweenie’s school and the doctor. Probably about her concerntration levels as opposed to my parenting skills.

Dr-German-Neurologist also suggested that Tweenie is now old enough to learn coping mechanisms for anxiety rather than bunging a load of meds at it.

Proper pucka grown up therapy. Not the play-with-a-dollhouse-and- get- an- idea -of -what’s- going- on- stuff.

Tried unsuccessfully for 2 weeks to get hold of a therapist that Lady Gandalf reccommended. Option 2 – the shrink that Dr-German-Neurologist suggested.

A week or two ago, Tweenie admitted she sometimes thinks of offing herself.

I was not totally surprised. I tried to put her off by telling her the statistics on how many people botch it up and end up in a wheelchair drooling on their chest for the rest of their life.

Before you could say “Zoloft”….we have got an appointment for 6pm this afternoon with a view of Tweenie having an appointment once every two weeks.

Some weeks it feels like the whole family is in therapy.

  1. Nes says:

    Thinking of Tweenie and thinking of you…as hard as things may seem sometimes, you are a wonderful mother and it is wonderful that you have such a close relationship with her.

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