Email to guidance counsellor at Tweenie’s school

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Anxiety, Trying to be a good parent !

The situation with Tweenie and her anxiety is exhausting. I am at the end of my tether. I have all the compassion in the world for her and am trying my best. I worry about her all day. None the less, it is very much out of control.

Hi Linda

 I was wondering if you could be of assistance with Tweenie.

 She has just started counseling for anxiety. She is on medication for ADD and anxiety (Strattera).

 The anxiety is usually home based and has been getting worse over the last six months to a year. Mainly separation anxiety around me and wanting to be only at home (i.e. does want to sleep out anymore, does not want to go to grandparents for holidays, feels very distressed if left alone even for a second, does not want to visit friends)

 She has just started seeing a therapist who is unfortunately overseas for two weeks. She is on her third or fourth assessment with her. Tweenie says she is benefiting from it.

 School anxiety has not been as bad up until now. This morning it took me 15 minutes to settle Tweenie into her class room/school (I always have to walk her in and deposit her with a friend or teacher) after a stressful and tearful evening. To cut a long story short, I am concerned that Tweenie is going to have a panic attack or anxiety attack at school. As she has told me of symptoms she had yesterday of not being able to breathe and panic. She has been very distressed this week as aftercare came ten minutes late to fetch them from class yesterday and there was no teacher around for ten minutes.

 I have now a) asked one of her friends to escort her to aftercare b) promised to phone the aftercare and make sure she is fetched on time c) told her she can have her phone so I can bbm her “the plan”. This is all not really alright, but I had to do something to allay her anxiety and distress this morning.

 I am not implying that there is something wrong that there was no teacher around for ten minutes. Tweenie is just very upset (around her own anxiety issues/separation anxiety/always wanting an adult around).

 Any suggestions ?

 Kind regards


  1. V says:

    Gosh, I hope the therapist eventually helps her. It sounds like you are on the right path towards helping her cope in the meantime though.

  2. V says:

    PS: you left her name in one spot in the letter, not sure if you want it out there…

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