How to get off anti-depressants without realising it

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Anxiety, Depression, Medication, Recovery

Step  1

Tell your boss to go away to Bali for a month. Or anywhere like Bali where you cannot make contact. The moon ? That would also work.

This will make you so busy at work that you will not have any time for self pity or depression or taking  any pills.  You will barely have time to wipe your arse more than once per sitting. Either getting up at 5am or working until 11pm will soon make you soon forget you need to take a pill to survive. Survival mode turns into making it back home into club duvet.

Step 2

Lack of time will mean lack of time for all things carnal and bedroom related. This will reduce sexual anxiety making it easier to wean yourself off your medication. Something along the lines of taking away one of the causes of the anxiety at the source !

Step 3

Plot your menstrual cycle very religiously. Suicidal feelings and feelings of extreme hatred and boredom towards your partner and your life in general can  be blamed on hormones. Because it will be your hormones. It is usually PMS with me. I seriously get suicidal.  Really I do. I don’t think anyone believes me. But I do. Drive my car into a wall sort of stuff.


Be a trustee of a complex that you live in. That way when you are eventually unshackled from your desk at 9pm, you can come home to lots of shit because the electric gate does not work or because Paul the gardener wasn’t paid on time. You will also receive ten calls a day about the stupid gate. Again less time to take your pills means you don’t take them.

Step 5

Stop reading decor magazines no matter how much you love them. It just shows you on a continual fucking  basis what house you do NOT have. Who the hell can afford a R5000 dining room chair anyway ? Totally unobtainable most of it. And I fall for “I want that” all the time. No more Associated Magazines !!!! No more I cry. I’ve seen the light !

Step 6

Give your own therapy a break. Bleating at my therapist every week got me stuck in bleating mode. I’ve given it a break for three weeks. Mainly because of lack of time and because now Tweenie needs to go once a week and I cannot fit it all in.

<I say that, but I am going to go bleat at Tweenie’s therapist on Wednesday. Whatever. I’m not bleating about my own shit for a change I suppose. Could this be called deflection ?>

Step 7

Have some anxiety meds handy for emergencies. I’m off anti-depressants, but have taken a couple of Esperides inbetween when the desire at the office is to take my handbag and run the fuck out of there.

Tha….tha….that’s all folks.

Watch this space. I’m not saying I’m successfully off meds. You never know when the wheels might fall off.

But….I’m feeling chuffed about how I’m feeling. No apparent wobble in sight.

  1. hilaryisabel says:

    Well done and blessings!

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