Lady Gandalf. My inspiration.

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Recovery

The importance of a good counsellor is paramount.

I’ve realised that some else’s “love of their life” therapist wise….may not be my  cup of tea.

Just like my friend may rave about what a dish her husband is….when I think he is plain  looking and as boring as all hell.

I had a few days off a week before last and managed to get an appointment with Lady Gandalf.

All I can say is that this lady is my cup of tea.

Hells Bells. She is my Cafe Latte with chocolate sprinkles on top.

I feel inspired by her sessions. I feel loved. I feel like I’m a bit of a hero for even have survived the shit I’ve survived.

She points me in the right direction. It’s usually cost effective stuff. Which makes me feel like it’s not all a money making racket.

Seeing her again this week.

Insert smiley face.



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