Accidental meditation and on a not related note – Biodanza

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

I know I come across as a depressed emo chick, but in my defense I do – on a regular basis – try new things and feel *zing!* upliftment.

On a recent Monday evening, my usual co-sponsor plans were moved. Many moons ago, I had subscribed to a Biodanza email alert so every Monday morning without fail – I receive an email from Daniel at Biodanza inviting me for a class. OK. Not me personally. Receiving a gold personalised invitation, but the invite pops up in my gmail. And it is dripping with love and acceptance and all things hippy lurve. I invite you with love…..

I thought Fuck It. It’s a sign ! (I do this “it’s a sign” thing on a regular basis and you only find out in hindsight it was not necessary a good sign, but just a sign. A sign none the less) Right time to try this malarky. A therapist had suggested it at one point to relieve me (relieve me of what I cannot remember at this point).

One of my worst things I do is that I am anally on time. So anally on time, that I  am usually frikking early. So not only do I try new things on a regular basis, I am also reeeeally early – which adds to my anxiety as I am sitting waiting like a chop and wondering a) have I got the right place and b) is anyone going to show up.

Now. I have never danced in the light without a glass of wine/cider/beer/anything in my hand.  I can do the nightclub thing – in the dark – with two or three drinks under my belt no problemo !  So to be in the stark light of a yoga hall with strangers and to be expected to dance is quite a push for me.

Right. So free style dancing it is. With three strangers. In the light. With bouncy type spanish music. Interrupted with some continential type free style marching. Hey, I can do this.

Some ring-a-ring-a-rosy type stuff. Hey, I can do this too!

We were asked to make up a dance with a meaning. I made up a dance for my Granny trying to convey lots of love for her.

Then came the partner thing. Holding hands and skipping along like toddlers on acid. With quite a hot man I must say *blush*.

I got through the hour and a half class.  Even when we had to dance with our foreheads and elbows stuck together at one point – like demented siamese twins (I admit I chose a female for the forehead dance).

Me being an embarrassed type person, it really pushed my uncomfortable button to the max and I felt I appreciated my body and how it could dance if I wanted it to.  Well – want is a big word – if I chose to ! I felt connected to what it felt like to be a child not worried about what other people thought of me. A very liberating hour and a half.

I kept the happy buzz for quite a few days.

If I can do Biodanza, I can do anything  !

All in all, I enjoyed the Biodanza experience and will return when babysitting allows.

Reminder to self to tell blog about the accidental meditation I did on Sunday morning 2am.

  1. That looks like so much fun! And hell yeah, if you can Biodanza, you can do anything! It’s all about the attitude.
    I really love the picture too… you look so healthy and glowy. I hope you get to do it again soon.
    Accidental meditation? Do tell when you get some time…
    Have a great weekend! ~Christy

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