A cup of tea thanks……

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

We had to fearlessly face the proposition that eiither God is everything or else He is nothing. God is or he isn’t, what is our choice ? Big Book page 53

Yeah. Good question. What is my choice ? I am pondering. Because Sponsor Dear has given me an essay on this question for homework to be completed by Sunday.

I am still mucking about a little with my meds. Anti-depressants are notorious for messing with a girl’s (or a guy’s for that matter) libido and sexual functioning. Boy George once famously said “Sex ? I’d rather have a cup of tea thanks!”.


I suspect the 80’s icon was on meds. So I am on the Eglynol/Esperide anti-anxiety meds only and not on the anti-depressants at the moment. This is a mild tranquilizer that is safe enough to give to breast feeding moms. It also helps with milk production and there are stories of non-milk producing women lactating because of the meds.  My boobs have been feeling very swollen and full, but thank God – no leakage ! A too tight hug can however have me yelping under my breath when my boobs are squashed !

Why oh why continue to mess with your meds I hear you mumble ! Simple. Porra and I have been enjoying (enjoying might be a bit of a strong word on my part) more carnal pleasures of late and I’ve been a willing participant and even been on the initiating side of it.  I am keen to go back to the 2012 state of affairs when I would rather stab my eyeballs out with a cucumber than have sheet tumblings with Porra. A sexless amoeba I was. Praying that he would not try and pounce me at night. I find that when something goes right in my mental / sexual well being that I cannot narrow the reasons down to a specific therapy or med change or lifestyle change. With sexual relations, it would be the TRE body work I have been doing, it would be the lack of meds, it would be that all the teenagers in the house are out and about for the school holidays…….bottom line……things have been more sexy of late.


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