When your kid’s best friend is an indulged princess

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Trying to be a good parent !

<I  have left this post although in hindsight I think it is pretty crap!>

Teenagers want to be in a pack at the weekend.

Teenagers want their friends and not their family.

Teenagers main loves are their phone, clothes, hair and their besties.

Being a mom of a teenager means I am a walking ATM cash dispensing machine and a chaffeur. I find I spend most of my weekends chaperoning 14 years olds who are not quite old enough to be on their own so I am floating around teenagers who don’t really want me in their space.

Being a mom  also means opening my home and psyche to other teenagers that I may or may not enjoy the company of.

Enter  stage left – Daughter dear’s bestie is such a child that gets up my nose of late.

I do not enjoy being with them when they are together.

We spent time this past weekend with two of Daina’s friends. The Friday afternoon was very pleasant with one friend Sam.

And then arrived Princess Friday night.

Princess and Daina together are horrible.

They act indulged. They scream. They act like the Kardashians when they are together.

Money is no object at Princess’s Palace and she doesn’t quite get it that I did not win the Lotto last week. Some gems of out of indulged princess’s mouth of late are….

“Why do you always take me to dodgy places ?” (not true, i admit I don’t take them to the Mount Nelson though)

“Buy me Kauai now!” (please ? Can’t you have something cheaper ? Isn’t the movie and popcorn, slush and choccie combo you are getting in five minutes going to do ?)

“Lend me R200 so I can buy this and that (when she’s just blown her own money on a R500 jersey and her i-pad cover)”

“I think you’ll find most children eat !” – in response to me saying no to a third eat out foodie treat of the day.

“You should buy a new house, you need more space” (Oh thanks, I hadn’t noticed)

I have no solution to Daughter dear’s ongoing love affair with her bestie and the uncomfortable feelings it gives me.

I like children to have manners and to understand limitations with treats. I like children not to act bratty. I like children to know the value of money. I like children to accept what they are given and not ask for more and more and more.

My natural reaction is to limit times that the child is in my space.

My natural reaction is to set up “play dates” (don’t know what else to call it….teenagers don’t exactly have play dates) with Daughter’s dears other friends that I like and encourage those relationships.

My natural reaction is because I feel the child is a bad influence on my child to cut the child out slowly and hope the intense long standing friendship dies a slow death.

I doubt it will.


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