9 months sober and mates who try to convince someone that it’s extreme not to drink at all.

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Me and alcohol, Recovery


I can understand why some people would try and convince someone that they are not an alcoholic. If that person was a big drinker themselves and they missed their drinking buddy. That their relationship was based on their escapades together at yonder party place.

I can understand if it gets bought up in the middle of a ho down heaving party. They are a few merry drinks down and they want you to just be your old self and join in on the fun and not be a wet blanket

I had an experience this weekend – in the cold light of day – not a party in sight – where a long time friend was quite adamant that I am not an alcoholic. That he had known me for 30 years (true) and that I am definitely not an alcoholic (untrue if you know the correct definitions) and this stopping drinking lark was taking it to the extreme.

Said moderate drinker friend was cleaning his swimming pool when I popped in to say hello so there was no party going on and it didn’t need to be addressed within the first minute of conversation like it was.

It was like he had been waiting for the chance.

I am still abit confused as to where this came from.

Perhaps it was been playing on his mind.

I am a little irritated that it has taken me years to step up to the program and get to the point where I am comfortable saying “I am Diddy and I am an alcoholic” and from left field there is a friend who is not happy with my diagnosis and new lifestyle.

As a side bar issue, this friend’s best male friend is someone who I think is an alcoholic. A right ball of fun. But yes. A piss cat. So perhaps he really really likes his mates to be alcoholic ?

What benefits are there to a person to having an alcoholic friend ?

Why is it an issue if they stop drinking ?

Does it put the alcoholic friend in their place lower than them in the pecking order of life ?

Are alcoholics exciting to be around ?

Are they entertaining ?

I don’t know.

I is just pondering.

  1. Lilly says:

    Hmmm, that is a bit odd, as I personally have found that the people who have the most trouble with it invariably have a problem themselves. That said, one friend who I wouldn’t have thought was an alcoholic, event though she likes to drink quite a bit, has been one of the worst with me to the point where it really made me wonder. WHY is it such an issue to her? She seems more in control of her drinking but maybe she’s not? Maybe I only see the surface as many people did with me – and you it sounds like too. Are you sure he’s a moderate drinker? Or maybe it’s just plain old insensitivity and cluelessness. What did you say in response?

    • diddy says:

      Hi Lilly

      I have found this particular friend and his wife rather unsupportive of me not drinking. They just don’t like it and want me to be the old me.

      Even though I know for a fact they used to worry about me drinking large quantities of wine at their place and then (very) drunk driving home with my little girl in the back.

      I used to even reverse into their drive way because after “a few” I was not capable of reversing back down the drive way. If I reversed in, I could drive straight out. With no pesky wheel scrapes.

      I answered him that once I get going, I can’t stop. Which he dismissed as rubbish !!


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