We are all sick puppies

Posted: September 21, 2013 in Recovery

I have not been to a bad meeting for quite a while.

I will refrain from disclosing any more details as “what is said in the meeting stays at the meeting”.

But for a person to be told that they are not welcome back at a particular meeting is unacceptable and I am thinking of making a formal complaint to the bigger cheeses.

Said person did not deserve this sort of treatment and the bearer of the slap in the face is a repeat offender is my eyes.

Saying that, I did go to the meeting with a totally open mind and with not a speck of historic malice in my being.

Luckily the person who was told they are not welcome back is an old timer like myself and it will probably not rock his world too much.

Just a mini post to remind myself that we are all as sick as each other. Just because someone is chairing a meeting or is passing out the money bag does not maketh that person saintly and above acting like a dick.

This is why we are called recovering adult child or alcoholics……not recovered.

  1. Well, getting a bunch of drunks in a room will often bring out a lot of stuff in us. I haven’t seen what you have saw in this meeting, but I can imagine that it’s a bit alarming and disorienting. We are trusted servants, there are not leaders, etc. A group conscious is what is needed, not one person determining who can and cannot be there. Listen, if someone is disruptive, yes, they can be asked to leave and are more than welcome to come back when they have cooled down / sobered up a bit. But to kick someone out is a little extreme. You are right to want to speak to someone about it.

    And of course, some are sicker than others, etc. I get reminders of that often.

    As for recovered / recovering…ha ha. That’s always a good can of worms to open 🙂

    Good to hear from you, old timer….lol


    • diddy says:

      Hi Paul
      I did draft an email to the office. Then decided against emailing it off. Thinking it would be better to a) call in person rather b) send an email once my emotions were not running so high
      But someone else at the same meeting has taken it further and he know he has my support if I need to make a statement or get involved.
      All’s well that ends well.
      I wasn’t the person that was attacked by the chairperson so didn’t think it was my place to “fight the cause”.
      Thanks for your comment!

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